What we do

Pro-Tex High Performance Coatings

Granitex chip flooring is a composition of multicolored vinyl chips embedded in a pigmented base coat and sealed with successive coats of clear glaze. You may choose from a variety of colors and chip sizes to get the look that you desire. For example, larger chips create the look of terrazzo or granite, while smaller chips give a hard surface carpet appearance. In addition to these customizable options, our Granitex systems offers proven durability and longevity for a multitude of applications
Benefits include: 
  • No peeling, flaking, or discoloration
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-skid additive to prevent slips and falls

Pro-Tex High Performance Stains and Sealants

Due to the nature of wood, all unprotected exterior wood turns gray because of mildew, fungus, and ultraviolet light from the sun. Water also penetrates unprotected wood causing it to crack and rot. If left unprotected, the wood will quickly turn an unsightly gray color and the life expectancy of your fence will be minimized.
To eliminate these problems and provide long-term Pro-Texion  for your fence or other exterior wood , we apply our high-performance oil-based stain/sealant and guarantee it for 3-Years. The stain/sealant we apply is our proven, time tested formula that enhances the beauty of wood , and maximizes the look of your fence.
Our professional grade oil-based stain beautifies and preserves your fence and provides the "Ultimate Pro-Texion" against sun and water damage and mildew growth. Our stain penetrates the surface of wood protecting it from harmful environmental elements and was created to stand tough to the extremes of our Texas climate.


Custom Garage Cabinets

We offer completely custom cabinets for your garage. If you are interested, please check out what we can offer here.